We can help you to engineer your own vision for your house or small farm project in Portugal. We are in Fundão, Castelo Branco and “Serra da Estrela” region but can relocate for projects.

We provide support in administrative work in the country, can deal with Finances (Fiscal Representative) as well as architectural plans, approvals, site management and agroforestry services. We can also add a great amount of insight and work towards creating customized projects, with rigorous control and execution.

We also hold a local private networking with access to fair priced lands still and other off-market portfolio of projects availabel for Investors. We search for authenticity, character and meaning in our acquisitions or local partnerships. All we do is widely crafted and discussed.

Lands with a vineyard, olive trees, hazelnuts, cherry trees, cork trees, pistachios and significant Biodiversity, as well as water sources. Lands can range from 10,000 m² (1 hectare) to 100,000 m² (10 hectares).

We are confident that the combination of costs and benefits are optimized in the region of Central Portugal and “Serra da Estrela” for those looking for Nature, gastronomy and “peace”. It is the main region for cherries, peaches and other berries. Also significant local production of pears, apples and organic vegetables from small independent producers. The landscape is originated by a micro-climate condition permeated by water sources from Serra da Gardunha, Serra da Estrela e do “Zêzere” river.

The gastronomy, Nature and cultural heritage, is somewhat outstanding in the Region of Fundão It combines elements from the north (mountains) and south (mediterranean). Tourism is still very authentic with an internationally recognized set of attributes and attractions. Around Fundão, one can discover incredible destinations for a Day Trip around: Aldeias de Xisto, Aldeias Historicas, Castelo Novo, natural swimming pools, hot spring resorts, Serra da Estrela Ski Station, and nearby cities like Covilhã, Idanha-a-Nova, Belmonte, Monsanto; and very uniques natural reserves around.

Please contact virginia@villaandfarm.com for further details.

“All things are possible!”