Below we have a project implemented in Ansião, near Coimbra, by Arq. Enrico Curti and the team, using Blockhaus Technology. The wood was transported from Italy. All the other beams, for the foundation system was arranged locally. The intelligent solution of concrete beams and larger wood pieces have created the most desirable solution for the foundation, in this case:


We design and implement Wooden houses in Portugal. We can work with 3 different technologies, Prefab (Blockhaus and MHM) and LWF (Light Wood Framing). The main difference is that our wood is fully treated thermically, through high temperature drying process and with no chemicals or glue.

Our main architect, Enrico Curti, has specialized in bioclimatic projects, with established projects in France, Italy and Portugal. We also work in partnership with other local architects. We can convert regular projects into Wooden building project via partners and software use.

Apart from having Customized projects, we can also present existent models (2) developed in-house, more geared toward leisure, conceptual residential and living with Nature – CASA ATTIVA Active Dwelling.

Quality is a top priority and we only work with high standards technologies and materials. We can currently build in 3 different technologies and construction processes.

MHM – Massive-Holz-Mauer (German technology, built in Italy)

“People with allergies will particularly feel the difference and all other residents will also notice the healthy indoor climate of solid wooden walls. The danger of mould growth and the consequent hazard to the health of inhabitants is avoided as early as in the shell construction stage by the permeable design and by using wood which is a dry building material. A further plus point is the self-regulating indoor climate of solid wooden houses. The walls and ceilings “breathe” with the MHM® wall because they are constructed in a permeable way and can therefore absorb vaporous humidity, store it and release it again. This characteristic has a positive effect on the inside air humidity and balances out fluctuations, so there is relatively uniform humidity depending on the season.”




BLOCKHAUS (German Technology, Built in Italy too)

Amazing engineering, high-quality wood, Austrian harvested in a sustainable forest management, thermo treated, 99 years Warranty. Blockhaus has a steady and organized system, making it extremely stable and comfortable living. It is a second option for a dream house.



LIGHT WOOD FRAMING ( Built locally)


Please contact for details.


“All things are possible!”