logo_quinta-attiva_orange-e-tractor-white“Quinta” means a small farm dwelling in Portuguese language.  It is a place where families used to dwell and get revenues from their labor and fresh products.  It is also an environment to appreciate the silence, the singing birds and the far away noise of a working tractor.

Current trends point towards a more natural and simplified lifestyle. A property in the countryside of Portugal, Spain, Italy or France, may be a perfect solution for those looking for a new life project. Especially people aspiring to have quality time with family, friends and closer interaction with local communities.

Portugal, in this sense,  offers today great fiscal advantages for incoming residents. We are confident that the combination of costs and benefits are optimized in the region of Fundão, near “Serra da Estrela” for those looking for Nature, gastronomy and  “peace”. It is the main region for cherries, peaches and other berries. Also significant local production of pears, apples and organic vegetables from small independent producers. The landscape is originated by a micro-climate condition permeated by water sources from Serra da Gardunha, Serra da Estrela e do “Zêzere” river.

The gastronomy in the region of Fundão is rich, combining elements from the north (mountains) and south (mediterranean). Tourism is still very authentic with an internationally recognized set of attributes and attractions: Aldeias de Xisto, Aldeias Historicas, Castelo Novo, natural swimming pools, hot spring resorts, Serra da Estrela Ski Station, and nearby cities like Covilhã, Idanha, Belmonte, Monsanto; and very uniques natural reserves around.


Lands can range from 10,000 m² (1 hectare) to 100,000 m² (10 hectares). The project would normally start off by renewing a granite house and reshaping the original landscape. We would then build one or two CASA ATTIVA model and consider every aspect of the project and its infrastructure; from water sources to solar panels and other suitable technologies. We also provide expertise and support in all legal and administrative procedures in the country.

The complete finished project, including land purchase, can range from 150,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR depending on its size and numbers of CASA ATTIVA built. It is important for us to  “engineer” a vision together, what we would refer as a ‘Visioneering’ process, assessing in depth Client’s aspirations, goals and expectations.

In addition to that, we offer customized service to manage the property and eventually, according to Client’s finantial expectations and needs, we can rent out the property for Tourism activities.  Our Client can rest knowing that its property it is safe and actively creating revenues.

Please send an email to rodrigo@villaandfarm.com or contact via phone: +33 6 76 31 28 48