casa-attiva-official-logotipoOur core business and expertise is to implement a technology called MHM (Massiv-Holz-Mauer).

We are launching a solid wood energy efficient house model, named CASA ATTIVA. It consists of a hexagonal shaped dwelling of 42 m²  built with MHM and Cork, which is a distinctive ecological and sustainable form of construction.

Our TEAM is responsible for both project design in France, and execution through local partners. The concept is to deliver a fully functional and aesthetically beautiful dwelling place that is integrated to the natural landscape with maximum comfort delivered by solid wood technology.

This German developed technology MHM delivers higher levels of comfort and design, with significant lower use of Energy in its operation. We do explore in depth solar energy. It is part of the commercial offering to be transported  implemented in the desired place.



Note: There is also possibility of having normal roof finishing, not flat as shown above


We are fully commited to generate positive impact into the communities we operate. Therefore we would like to participate in progressive programs for housing and tourism efforts. France is a strategic market in helping projects in the “Chambre d’Hôte” and Tourism markets expanding their volume offering by establishing units of CASA ATTIVA in already existing projects. Other Mediterranean countries, like Portugal and Spain are also strategic for our operation. We do have a Tourism project integrated with Agriculture called QUINTA ATTIVA.

Furthermore, we aim to participate in the current European Project called AGRI-URBAN, which is a Networking of cities in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries. We are based near Mouans-Sartoux in the South of France and Fundão, in Portugal, having both locations as part of the project.

Our long-term objective is also to export units to foreign markets, including Africa and the Americas.

Please contact us for more information on CASA ATTIVA and its market application in details.

Please send an email to or contact via phone: +33 6 76 31 28 48